About Us

At Haven Homes we understand what it means to be a homeowner. The pride, the sense of community, the commitment…they are all part of the American dream. We also know that in today’s economic climate there are a lot of folks who aren’t able to buy a home. That’s where we come in. We offer beautifully renovated and well maintained single-family homes for rent to people who take pride in their home and their community.

Have you recently been foreclosed on? Have you had to sell your home in a short sale? Or have you lived in an apartment and are ready for more space but just haven’t been able to save enough for a down payment? We’re here for you.

We currently own of homes in California, Nevada, and Illinois and are in the process of expanding into several new markets throughout the United States. We believe that Single Family Rentals are crucial in helping to solve America’s housing crisis. Our property renovations significantly improve neighborhoods, street by street. We eliminate blight and enhance the safety of the neighborhoods in which our homes are located.

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